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JUNIOR & ME: A Mobile Man’s 10 year Quest to get his Driver’s License

I am proud to announce that after ten years, my client James “Junior” Moyers is now a licensed driver in the State of Alabama. Junior retained me to assist in having his driving privileges reinstated. After making an appearance in court for him, speaking with the prosecutor and judge, we were able to clear up the old tickets and get clearance letters. Clearance letters are just letters from the clerk of court that notify the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), formerly DPS, that the person has paid or “cleared” his tickets. You must get your clearance letters to present to ALEA/DPS before the State will allow you pay your reinstatement fee and get your license. Armed with his clearance letters, Junior drove out to ALEA the same day- on Demetropolis Road (be prepared for a long wait unless you are there by appointment)

How to A Schedule DL Appointment with ALEA

Before just showing up to get your DL, you should consider contacting ALEA to schedule an appointment. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is now accepting DL appointments online by clicking here. Appointments may also be requested by phone during regular business hours. All requests must be made 48 hours prior to the preferred date of test.If you are suspended ALEA can tell you why. Then you should consider hiring an attorney to help you navigate the justice system.

If like Junior and it’s been a while since you had a license and you need to brush up for the test, you can download the Alabama Driver’s Manual here.


Unfortunately, since it had been so long since he had a valid driver’s license, Junior had to retake both the written (computer) test and actual driving test. An Alabama driver license may be renewed without examination within a three-year period after expiration. Junior could have given up at this point (he had already paid a reinstatement fee of $175), but to his credit he plowed ahead. Junior got a copy of the driver’s manual and went home and studied up. He did his homework. It had been a while so he had to study hard for two days. He studied the next day and early the next morning as is seen in photo below.

Junior cramming hard Friday morning at Waffle House before taking his driving tests (both written & driving portions) Junior, like most great thinkers, finds inspiration at his local Waffle House.​

I am proud to say that late Friday afternoon Junior passed both the written examination and driving test to become a licensed driver for the first time in ten years. Proud of you Junior, and thank you for letting me share you story as an inspiration to others.

Junior’s Heisman DL Pose

If you have any traffic tickets preventing you from getting your license or if you have any traffic questions, call me. We would like to help you. You can reach our office at 251.434.8500

About the Author:

Matt Green, Mobile Alabama Attorney

Matt Green is a solo practitioner who likes to help working folks with their driver’s licenses. He served as a municipal court judge in the City of Mobile and the City Saraland for nearly a decade presiding over thousands of traffic cases and trials. Before that Matt prosecuted major felonies, traffic homicides (including drunk drivers who injured innocent victims), and violent crimes in the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office. He teaches trial advocacy to Mobile Police Cadets and speaks to the Mobile County Court Referral Victim Impact Panel on occasion. He may be reached at 251.434.8500 or by e-mail at

The Alabama State Bar, Rules of Professional conduct, Rule 7.2 (e), requires the following language in all attorney communications: No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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