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We know how tough it can be with a devastating injury, no work, no income, unpaid medical bills all caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness. We know how an arrest can be devastating and humiliating to you and your family. You need someone who will listen and note, and to prevent you, our client, from becoming someone’s scape goat. A friendly and truthful evaluation of your personal injury case is our promise to you. You will not find us on TV or Radio, because our arena is the Courtroom.

Contact Attorney Matt Green


The Law Office of Matt Green, LLC

The Pollock-Altmayer House

501 Government Street

Mobile, AL 36602

Parking Recommendation: 

Clients and Prospective Clients may park in The Pollock-Altmayer House dedicated parking lot directly behind the building on South Lawrence Street, immediately adjacent to the Mobile Chamber of Commerce.  

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